mardi 28 avril 2009

Internet World 2990

So here we are with a booth at the Internet World Tradeshow...

We are really happy to present our speed tracks. So for a start here is a track we have just built to present all the exhibitors on the French Pavilion:

The french pavilion companies

We will also be able to provide the Tom's Hardware users feedback regarding JogTheWeb...

This Week's Hot News - April 20th to 24th

Our new architecture actually enables us to provide customized readers within days. Just an example:

Find the reader...

dimanche 5 avril 2009

Reviewing some opinions

JogTheWeb is all about editing virtual tutorials, magazines, catalogs or reviews by stinging together a set of relevant pages found around the web.

There is so much out there on that I'll simply provide one example for those who want to gather some video reviews that users car flip through...

Some considerations regarding the iPod

mardi 31 mars 2009

Some news

I am definitely not very good at posting news on this blog... But these tracks may just speak for themselves:
Environmental Concerns Thousands of teachers are already regularly using JogTheWeb and building webquests for their students.
A french magazine: Femme Actuelle Simply flip through the pages like with a real magazine
Femme Actuelle – Le meilleur du web The same magazine leveraging its content by including content from around the web
The new reader for an important e-commerce site in France...

dimanche 12 octobre 2008

JogTheWeb a new reader

JogThe Web has been around since last june and the intitial reader was efficient but could be improved so we asked one of our designers to think it again from scratch. The new reader is now available but the new site still needs some pimping up before we can release it... So en avant première here is Kryptomodes's beautiful track on fashion for your eyes only...

Kryptomode's beautiful track

Here is another one

Whoever is Tom??

And for those who like animations or guitare...

Fun animations


lundi 11 août 2008

New version on its way

The guys have been hard at it and the latest version sould be ready for "thourough" testing by the end of the week. Our aim is to have the new version online round about the middle of september (this year ;) ).

This new version will be quite important as both the front end (reader, editor and site) and the backend (architecture and servers) have been deeply modified.

Among others here are some of the new features:
- Vocal comments: it will be possible to comment oraly each page of a track
- Sharing tracks: it will be possible to mail tracks or post them to blogs, digg, facebook and other such services
- Skins: for each track it will be possible to choose the reader's skin among an increasing set of available ones. Down the road it should even be possible for users to upload their own skins.
- Comments: The tracks comment section will, at last, look good and, most importantly, be convient to use.
- Open APIs for building tracks will be available and we should be soon integrating a service in facebook
- Editing tracks should be simplified and a track's owner will be able to edit the comments directly from the reader (it won't be necessary to go back through the site).
- User profiles on the site will be more interesting...
- The site layout will be enhanced...
- ... and quite a bit more

And that would be what is visible because the back-end has also been reengineered in order to increase stability (even though we have been doing quite well so far) and simplify adding new features down the road.

Up until now we haven't been doing to well regarding news so this is the first post of many. So do stay tuned and do comment as much as you please!!!

mercredi 9 juillet 2008

Whoever is Tom

For those still wondering simply follow the guide!

Whoever is Tom

lundi 7 juillet 2008

How are we doing

JogTheWeb was finally launched in June and it seems quite popular. According to statistics we have had joggers from more than 50 different countries!

We are now now working on three subjects:
- Communication
- Funding (subprimes haven't helped that much...)
- New version for september...