mercredi 27 février 2008

Updated animation track

I've just added a couple of animations to this track... and I know there are still plenty out there...

mercredi 20 février 2008

Some animations

Here is a track with some beautiful animations...

'nuf said!


Kryptomode - Fashion à la française

Kryptomode is french, loves fashion, is a good friend of mine and is one of our first beta testers for JogTheWeb.

Fashion is her second name and believe me if I say Kryptomode is a régal to look at.

For those who don't know "mode" means fashion in french and Krypto... well that'll stay the mysterious part.

Kryptomode has worked on this lovely fashion related track with her 13 year old daughter...


As a reminder: to jog the track simply click on the arrows...

Mode 2008 pour toutes : les fashions et les classiques

samedi 9 février 2008

Education is all about...

Education is all about teaching my children what I have figured out as being best for them. In fact it doesn't always coincide with what I consider is sure or best for myself as age brings in a certain dose of cynism or sad realisation that would be both too heavy and misunderstood by my loved ones...

In fact I'm quite convinced that education is a bit like charging a battery. You "feed in" as much good will, trust-in-others and love as possible in your child which gives him an incredible energy to start in his adult life. That would be because he is convinced that the world walks with him and that given the right arguments anybody will see the things as he does. As life goes on the battery runs progressively down as the adult realises that some people aren't that kind and that others have other "absolutely true" beliefs of their own...

Stangely enough some people go along through life remaining optimistic and happy. These same peolple are often those who live over a hundred years old. That kind of conforts me with this battery theory...

Well I got a bit side tracked from what I really wanted to talk about: Rugby.

My 8 year old boy loves rugby and I'm happy about it because the team spirit (and all that) seems to be a precious value for the life venture. The only thing is that I've never really been interested in rugby. If there is a match on and that I'm with rugby-lover friends I'll be very happy to share the moment and get excited over all these adult men running after a ball whilst knocking each other over and tortoise-like hugging... but if I'm alone I can't stand a minute of it. I just don't get the feeling for it and I honestly envy those who do (... well from time to time anyway).

In june last year my boy had his end of term school show and with the other boys of his class he performed (danced would hardly be the word) the New Zealand Haka... and he prepared it so seriously and his grimaces were so true that I looked onto it with all the pride and wonder I could show... In fact the wonder was genuine, I really wondered at the space-like-distance that stood between what normaly really impressed me and this Haka which impressed me because... well it was my little boy taking these war-ritual like poses... Ok, I must say the pride was also genuine ;-).

All this to say that when I was shown the videos in the following track, I knew I could laugh with my son about the NZ Haka without breaking anything he was building upon and that, by the end of the day, it was laughing that really gave sense to all my children's bringing up...

Haka history...

Enjoy ;-)

Social Networking

Here is some breaking news :-), in fact I set up this blog to start publishing JogTheWeb tracks I like... and as I get on quite well with myself I'll start with my own :-D.

So this one is about Social Networks. Who hasn't heard about Facebook or Linkedin? In fact there are really plenty out there and here are a few:

Some social networks out there

I have obviously forgotten all those which aren't in this track and I'm terribly sorry about it ;-)

jeudi 7 février 2008

The Lift conference - Quite mind-boggling

If you're free in september and can be in Seoul do not miss the next Lift conference... Otherwise you'll need to wait till the beginning of 2009 and go to Geneva.

I went there thinking it was another web 2.0 related event only spread out on three whole days... and in fact it turned out to be much more of an Attitude 2.0 event (I know adding 2.0 at the end of a word isn't really original but being original isn't quite the point here ;-) ).

90% of what I heard really interested me and got me thinking and I love that feeling (so rare ;-) ). I didn't agree with everything I heard but hearing about technology, psychology, ethnology, inventions, Carla Bruni (do let go!!!) and sustainable development among many other topics just kept me listening.

Here are a couple of JogTheWeb Tracks I built to tour you through the event:

My train was late I started with "The Venture Night"
Follow me through thursday

By the way JogTheWeb is in very private Beta (hardly out of alfa if you ask me...). Its very wobbly just now but its my baby...

Just one more word regarding the Lift conference:
Well done Laurent Haug and all his team for such an event!! Really, really worth it