jeudi 7 février 2008

The Lift conference - Quite mind-boggling

If you're free in september and can be in Seoul do not miss the next Lift conference... Otherwise you'll need to wait till the beginning of 2009 and go to Geneva.

I went there thinking it was another web 2.0 related event only spread out on three whole days... and in fact it turned out to be much more of an Attitude 2.0 event (I know adding 2.0 at the end of a word isn't really original but being original isn't quite the point here ;-) ).

90% of what I heard really interested me and got me thinking and I love that feeling (so rare ;-) ). I didn't agree with everything I heard but hearing about technology, psychology, ethnology, inventions, Carla Bruni (do let go!!!) and sustainable development among many other topics just kept me listening.

Here are a couple of JogTheWeb Tracks I built to tour you through the event:

My train was late I started with "The Venture Night"
Follow me through thursday

By the way JogTheWeb is in very private Beta (hardly out of alfa if you ask me...). Its very wobbly just now but its my baby...

Just one more word regarding the Lift conference:
Well done Laurent Haug and all his team for such an event!! Really, really worth it

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Bob a dit…

Très bonne utilisation des tracks. Ces visites guidées à travers le web m'ont permis d'être guidé et d'avoir des informations plus complètes sur ce qui s'est dit lors de la conférence.